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Showing vs. Dressage

February 1, 2018

The great dilemma ... Showing vs. Dressage


I have always said since before I can remember I hate showing... but actually no real reason why...

So these are My Pro’s and Con's, I am sure there are loads more!


Dressage - Pro's

  • Class Time no waiting around

  • Same test ridden by all horses

  • Often ridden in a Snaffle, correctly working into and accepting a contact

  • All year round competitions.



  • (Forgive me if you don’t think this is true!) - Judging horses against each other not what is in front of them! E.g. Marking a Warmblood higher than a Native because their paces are flashier.If the horse is moving correctly the marks shouldn't be affected.

  • Pot hunters. They are everywhere not only dressage!One of my biggest bug bears. Give someone else a go!


Showing - Pro's

  • Competing against the same breed/type of horse


Cons -

  • No time slots, potentially one class can go on for hours



Show horses have to LOOK good. Dressage horses have to BE good.


Sweeping statement, but often so true!


So in answer to my own dilemma ...


It looks like this year we are going showing!!!!!!






So it looks like this year we are going showing!!!!!!

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