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Photographer's Blues

March 16, 2018

Whilst ‘our lass’ is out of action I thought I would share mine and Laura’s story.  Despite my youthful appearance (yeah keep telling yourself that Kathy) I am actually old enough to Laura’s mum but age has never been an obstacle to our friendship.  We first met when Laura was 17 on a forum called New Rider.  She and Harvey were just starting out in their competitive career and I was working at Moorhouse Equestrian Centre.   We became firm friends and met for the very first time in person at a show at Moorhouse on Laura’s 18th birthday, it was one of their first shows together and I also got to meet Laura’s lovely mum Wendy for the first time.  Laura’s friendship and support were invaluable, especially when I lost my beloved Stella (Belladonna).   After calling my husband that fateful day Laura was the next person I spoke to, I knew she would truly understand how I was feeling, and she did.   The friendship and support I have received over the years from my bossy little buddy has been immense.  There are times when she infuriates the hell out of me but you know what it’s just how Laura is.   So fast forward to February 2018, Laura and I had ‘words’ and our friendship was a little awry but she was looking forward to a two week break, a few days in Yorkshire with her lovely fella Shane and the dogs Frank & Muggley and we were going to do some new and up to date photographs of her and Harvey (over the years I have taken MILLIONS of pics of them) and have a long overdue catch up.  I got a phone call, the kind you think happen to other people, to tell me that my friend had been seriously injured in a major road traffic accident on her way home from her final shift at work.  Laura is facing a long recovery but she is in amazingly good hands.  Harvey may be a little bemused by her absence but the staff and Laura’s friends at Aldham Mill are taking exceptionally good care of her pride and joy.  So now I am sitting here wondering about what I can do fundraising wise to help my friend on the journey she is facing.  It’s got to be something good, so if anyone has any genius ideas please send them my way.

So to cheer our lass up  managed to secure her a Willberry Wonder Pony who is currently sat next to me wearing his/her purple scarf (purple being Laura’s favourite colour), accompanied by my own Willberry pony ‘Dellaberry’.  I wonder what she will call him/her?  Watch this space.

So before I sign off I have to share something, we nearly lost our lass and the thought of that is unbearable.  I suppose what I really want to say is tell the people you love that very thing.  That you love them, that they are important to you, that you value them.  Most important thing of all …. Be kind … always.

Much love

Kathy xxx

 (aka Harvey’s Official Photographer)




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