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In her own words Part 2 ... Coming Home? Or not

August 15, 2018


Coming home..or not.


After spending 3.5 weeks at Leeds GI, I was transferred to BDGH.  The worst 3 nights of my life.


I stupidly pushed and pushed to be transferred closer to home. Mainly for my family, travelling around 2-3 hours every day to see me, parking was an absolute fortune at £16 PER DAY, then obviously petrol, coffee and food costs. I think my mum and Shane took Shares in Costa while I was there.   You do the math......


The night I arrived at BDGH - 8pm.  When visitors were getting kicked out, I was stretched into a room that REEKED of urine. It was SO strong, the young health care assistant that took the handover from the Ambulance Crew (which was wrong by the way! Even though in the ambulance I told them exactly what was broken (and they had my hospital notes!!).  She explained this room was actually on the male side of the ward, and I would be moved to a room on the female side as soon as one came available.  10pm and my mum and Shane are still with me, still not seen a nurse, doctor or anyone else at this point.  A nurse arrived shortly after to take my obs. No medication given, or any prescribed for that matter.


I have honestly never seen Shane as angry as he was with the smell and cleanliness of the hospital room, and my mum so upset.  Shane wishing that I never left LGI, and at this point so did I.

They did leave around 1030pm.  At 11pm I was moved into a 6 bed ward with 5 elderly ladies, one lady screaming for her daughter, whilst the others shouting back at her.  The ward was SO warm and stuffy, I was next to the window which I asked to be opened.  Apparently this couldn't be opened because of the older ladies on the ward.  Great so I will just lay here sweating like a pig.  I eventually fell to sleep exhausted from the travelling and moving, only to be then woken up at 1:30am by a Doctor who asked "Are you ok?”  Well doc..How long you got??  NO obviously I am not ok!! He then prescribed me some medication, not all of it which I was prescribed in LGI, which arrived at 3am.  The medication I should have taken at 10pm the previous night. 


At 5am I was woken up again to be moved AGAIN to a side room.  730am the nurses loudly do their handover and 8am breakfast arrives and I am given whatever the patient before me ordered...because that's just how it is apparently....


Despite the horrendous start, the two Health cares I had help me wash and dress were lovely. Thank the lord.

At 11am prompt Shane arrives. My Saviour, please take me home. I cried so much to go home in the 4 days I was there than I did in the 3+ weeks I was in LGI.  LGI is a 5* hotel compared to BDGH.  Everyone is quick to slag off the NHS, but this is not the staff's fault.  They didn't chose to have cut backs!


The second night I really needed the toilet, I pressed my bed buzzer, which makes such a loud noise out on the ward!  35 minutes it took for someone to come help.  In Leeds this would have been seconds, no lie.  I feel so sorry for the staff just stretched to the limits. 


Saturday arrives, the Occupational Therapist arrives and shows Shane and me how to transfer me from bed to toilet/wheelchair using a "banana board". Definitely not yellow or shaped like a banana.  Wheelchair, commode and transfer board signed for. My pregnant sister and boyfriend came to visit.  Between them and Shane, they took my equipment home, tidied the house and brought my bed downstairs into the living room.


I waited ALL day for the doctor to do my discharge paperwork, and the ONE single time I left the ward he bloody showed up!!  I saw the consultant who was really rude and basically told me (again) that I am lucky to be alive. Yes I know this.


The nurses refer me to Yorkshire Ambulance Service to be taken home.  I wait, and wait and wait.  It is now 8pm on Saturday evening and it starts to snow.  Excellent!  So they stop all patient moves, and they won’t let me get in a car to go home.


So I am stuck here another night. Another night I cried myself to sleep and begged my poor Shane to take me home.


Overnight, the Police attend the ward THREE times.  Turns out, an older gentleman with a mobile phone kept ringing 999 for the Police and telling them he was being held hostage/kidnapped.  The Police had to take the phone away and explain to the family why.


Sunday morning, the nurses assured me that YAS are transporting patient’s home despite the snow. So all my bag are already packed from yesterday and they help me get dressed, my medication actually showed up.  Now I am just waiting, and waiting...  The ambulance crew showed up before dinner yay.  Actually it wasn't YAS but a firm they had contracted to help out due to the snow and backlog of work.


I told Shane to wait at home and not come to the hospital, so he did, and cleared all the drive of snow to make it easy for them to get me in the house.  But due to health and safety apparently now it is a hazard and the home owner can get done if someone slips/falls and is injured after you have cleared the snow.  For god sake.  So they chose to struggle and push me on a stretcher through deep snow, across grass and then through my back garden and through the patio doors.  



I    AM     H O M E!!!!!!


Love Laura





More from Laura tomorrow when she confronts Negative Nora!

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