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Down In The Dumps

September 3, 2018

So I'm really struggling to Blog at the moment, she says sat here Blogging!!


I don't want to sound negative so I've tried to stay away from Harvey's page at the moment.


I had my 6 month post surgery check up last week. Doctor really pleased with how things have healed.  Most importantly, since I have been back riding nothing has moved/ further damaged, hurrah!  I have been having repeated dreams that the pins had gone rusty and needed to be redone!!!  In 6 months time I go back to see the actual surgeon who did the surgery.


These photos are of my actual X-rays - I have never posted these before.



Although the Doctor I saw wanted me to ditch the crutches and dont rely on them, I am not convinced. I know my own body.  The NHS Physio months ago told me to not, not use them, as I would develop bad posture/limp if I wasn't walking properly.  I tried explaining this to him and even showed him I walked without them!


I do not have full use of my right wrist due to the location of the break and the plate that was put in.  They did give me the option of more surgery on this but no guarantee it will give me anymore movement.


Having too much conflicted opinion and advice, I rang my own private physio and she came out 2 days later, I explained my worries to her and she watched me walk without them and confirmed I knew my body best and gave me some more exercises to do to help build muscle around my hip, including using the trust Compex Machine. 




This week I am due to visit work, where I will be telling them I will be no longer fit enough again to work on the landings.  Gutted is an understatement.  This whole accident has ruined my life and my career.



In other news many of you know I have been battling Harvey's feet since June with Canker just as we felt we were getting somewhere BOOM it came back.  So a course of steroids later and yet more management his feet were looking great, and solid!  Canker leaves them mushy and horrid!  


Just yesterday morning before we set off to Epworth picked his feet to yet again more mushy white stuff.  First me now my boy. As you can see from the photo's part of his frog that has dropped off revealed the soft white bits underneath.



None of us deserve this. I just want a happy healthy horse again.


Sorry to sound so negative and down in the dumps but this year is feeling like a never ending battle.


Love Laura 


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