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More Surgery!

March 5, 2019

There I was doing my "normal" Monday routine at home, I have been feeling much better and have had less pain throughout my knee.  So I thought I would take the dogs out - the first time alone in well over a year. They are small dogs who don't pull luckily! After messaging Shane to say I was taking them out and getting the usual "don't let them pull you over (ok dad!) and don't go too fat etc...... I obviously listened to him, like I usually do - and after we had been out on their normal short route - both dogs looking at me bored stiff and still wondering why I couldn't chase them around, I put their leads back on and set off to the "big field".  It was around 1 pm so all kids still at school, perfect, the field will be nice and quiet for the dogs to have a proper run.


We walked the few minutes to the field not passing 1 person or dog - bliss.  Onto the big field and both wuffas went mad running barking and playing.  <3


The phone rings when i'm almost at top of the field - a Leeds number.  I knew instantly who it was.  My heart sank a little - or did it do a black flip?  Not quite sure but it did something!  That feeling when you get butterflies in your stomach that something isn't quite right...  


"I know its short notice but...can you be at LGI tomorrow for 0730am we have a cancellation". Fear, panic, do I say yes - or no? I have a huge show I have planned already coming up (not to ride in - something I have personally organised but more of that in the next blog!).


So home, family rang, Shane rang to let him know, Caroline informed.  Bags packed, food eaten, showered and hair washed, all rosettes sorted into classes and repacked.  I slept like a log.  Not sure whether I had exhausted myself with everything I had been trying to sort out for the show or worrying about the surgery.  


We got to LGI at 0720 am not sure what I expected as I've never had planned surgery when I haven't been an inpatient before.  Onto the ward which wasn't like a hospital ward as I know it - there was a huge que of around 10 people and their partners/friends/children.  We were at the back, when we finally made it to the front I was the 3rd on the list for Trauma & Orthopedics, but no one else had arrived yet. Unfortunately its not first come first served - shame!


We were all sent into a waiting room to sit and wait until we were called for surgery! Well it was like a cattle market trying to find a seat.  Luckily we managed to get one of the small sofa's and waited only half an hour before I was called through to the Nurse and do my paperwork have my blood pressure taken etc.  Then the anaesthetist came to see me, we discussed how I would be put to sleep, he advised I was 3rd on the list because I was the biggest case of the day.  I asked whether I would have any teeth broken (AGAIN!).  He apologised (it wasn't actually him that did it!) but did explain that because I had broken my beck and was in a neck brace it was difficult to intubate me as they have to tilt your neck back.  Never mind he assured me I wouldn't have anymore broken.  He then asked whether I would consent to a blood transfusion if I needed one.....well whats one more after already having 3 eh!!!  The surgeon wanted to do a nerve block on my leg to reduce the pain I would get post surgery, he advised this would take approx 20 hours to wear off, I would be brought back to the day ward for around 4 hours before being allowed home!



The Surgeon came in to mark me up, aka draw a HUGE purple arrow on my shin with an arrow pointing to my femur. I asked if they roughly knew when I would go down, they advised approx 1 pm and the surgery would take 30 mins to 1 hour.   I was sent back to the cattle market to wait until it was my turn.  I was so bloody hungry by now, I HATE water so that was out of option.  So I settled down to watch some of my series I had planned to, or so I thought, few minutes later I was called back in and told to "gown up".  The health care assistant was such a lovely woman helping me pack up my clothes and putting stickers on everything so it wouldn't go missing.  


The consultant changed the list around as I was the biggest case of the day, I then started to panic and became upset, which is quite good for me as I expected to be sobbing all morning!  Poor Shane I've never met anyone as patient as he is, he doesn't have half to put up with some stuff.  I was down as a day case so should be home the same day!  I sent Shane home and told him I would let him know when I was back on the ward.  Off he went home, and the porter arrived with his surgery trolley to take me to surgery.  Oddly, very oddly I felt so calm, not nervous in the slightest, which the porter picked up on! He said he hadn't seen anyone so calm before their surgery.  Off we went to theatre 11 where the team were waiting for me, I was given some pain relief via cannula before I was put to sleep.  WOW whatever that was I do not want some in a hurry, instantly the room was spinning and I was seeing double, I remember the last tine I saw was looking at the time - 0905 am.


The next I knew the nurse was calling my name and telling me I was in recovery, the clock in front of me said 12.15 pm.  Over 3 hours! They said I would only be down around an hour.  The surgeon came to my bed and showed me the Femoral nail they took out, they wouldn't give me it I asked!!  She explained it took longer than they thought as 1 screw was quite stuck and it took a while to get it out, which  you could see on the plate! It was shaven off and sheared a little.


The lovely theatre nurse stayed with me and called Shane to let him know I was out of surgery and would be going back to the ward, he set off back to LGI to collect his patient.  I finally went back to the ward around 2 pm as my heart rate was too high they wouldn't move me until it came down.


Shane arrived around 3 pm to see me, I had been given 10 mg of morphine in recovery as pain relief which took a little pain off but I was still in a considerable amount of pain, they gave me further pain relief before the physiotherapists turned up.  They brought a wheelchair and crutches with them and had me walking around the little ward before wheeling me to try the stairs.  My left leg was still completely numb, but they wanted me to attempt the stairs if this was successful I was able to go home yipee!


Up I went, a full flight of stairs, with no issues at all, got to the top of the stairs and had a few minutes rest before turning around to come back down. I came back down with a huge BANG literally, I lost my balance, couldn't feel my leg or move to stabilise myself and the physios and Shane had to catch me.  Sat on the floor sobbing I really did not want to have to stay in hospital AGAIN! They wouldn't let me walk back down the stairs so had to go down on my bum! I was wheeled back to bed and sobbed some more,  Shane broke news to my mum and sister who were working, and went to get me some food! 


I wasn't moved off the day ward until 7 pm, I was the last to go as usual.  Its the worst feeling ever seeing people go and you have to stay, it was the same when I was on the Major trauma ward.


I was to spend the night on ward 34 and the porter that collected me said "you'll be the youngest on there love" that really filled me with hope!  Or at least I will sleep if they all are.  Oh how wrong was I, so so wrong.  The lovely lady opposite me was awake ALL night, shouting at staff, removing her continence pads and hitting staff when they tried to help her.  So sad such a vile disease she was suffering from, the worst of it she wouldn't have a clue. :(


Another lady on the ward asked where my parents were, she thought I was only 18!  I like her! She had been in 5 weeks after falling at home and breaking her hip, she then had another fall in the toilet in the hospital giving herself the biggest hematoma I have ever seen!


After breakfast the physios arrived to get me on crutches again, firstly checking how much sensation I had back in my leg, which wasn't much!! I was taken to the stairs again which I passed the assessment this time! Hurray home time!!!

I made arrangements to be collected and set off home to start some more recovery!!








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March 5, 2019

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